It's Personal




Core health should be integrated into everything you do.

Hexagon Health promotes healthy lifestyle with tailored recommendations:

  1. Exercise correctly to maintain core strength and reduce pain.
    1. Squats and jumping may increase your risk of hernias
    2. Situps and crunches will exacerbate any diastasis recti
  2. Reduce risk factors for core injury, straining, and collagen degradation.
    1. We evaluate your diet and lifestyle and provide you with tailored step-by-step changes you can make to reduce your risk for hernias, diastasis recti, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

We are at the forefront of research and technology to improve hernia-related surgical outcome

  1. Undergo the right procedure, tailored to your specific needs and risk factor profile.

At Hexagon Health, we take a 360° view.

We developed Hexacore™ technology to promote core health and safety:

  1. Wear the right clothing and underapparel to support your core not only during exercise but also during your normal daily routine
    1. Pregnant women can actively reduce their risk for diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction with our patent pending Integrated Support Garments
    2. Athletes can reduce risk of sports hernias and groin strain with our patent pending Integrated Support Garments