The mission of Hexagon Health, Inc., is to capture, promote, and advance the category of abdominal wall and pelvic floor health, using a multi-faceted, gender-specific approach.

We Think Like A Patient...

At Hexagon Health, we appreciate that we are all potential patients. And so, we use that vision to drive us in every decision we make to advance abdominal wall and pelvic health in the world.

...Exceed Expectations...

Hexagon Health has singularly advanced abdominal wall and pelvic floor health beyond any other enterprise. As an example, we have already moved the needle towards international recognition of hernias among women and advancing treatment options to reduce chronic pain and complications.


At Hexagon Health, we focus on educating both the patients and the physicians and allied health professionals who treat the patients. The long-lasting effects of such education will effectively change the treatment of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor.

...& Perform With Precision!

We are obsessed with accuracy and perfection. Every little detail and permutation is considered when designing new products, performing research, providing expert consultation, and of course during surgery.